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Damp Rising from the Ground: Causes and Consequences

If you have damp spots on the floors and walls, it is not worth putting the carpet on top or furniture to cover the problem, because it will continue there. In this blog, our Damp specialist in Manchester will tell you about the origins of the dampness that rises from the ground, but also its consequences. We must warn you before continuing that it is best to hire the services of Damp proofing Manchester professionals before the dampness damages the structure of your home. Request a free check now at Damp Consultants!

What is the Dampness that Rises from the Ground?

This is a question that may seem simple, but it never hurts to clarify. The dampness that rises from the soil is the presence of water in the soil, which rises to the surface through capillarity. Why does this happen? Because the water rises to the surface of the soil through the capillaries, thus overcoming the laws of gravity. Next, we describe how to detect this dampness by capillarity in walls and floors.

How to Detect Dampness by Capillarity in Walls and Floors?

Now we are going to see the descriptions of the problems of dampness by capillarity in walls and floors. These symptoms are a first notice before more serious consequences arrive.

  • Damage to structures built above ground
  • House wall problems
  • Humidity stains
  • Mold growth
  • Damage to the paint on the walls
  • Respiratory problems in family members
  • Allergies in family members
  • Asthma cases among the people who live in the house
  • Plant rot or death
  • Soil erosion

These are the consequences of the dampness that rises from the ground, so it is better to prevent it with a professional Damp proofing Manchester treatment before the structure of your home is damaged.

Treatment of Humidity by Capillarity:

If the origin is in the subsoils, but taking into account that we cannot move the foundations of the house, we only have to create a waterproof barrier between the wet ground and the floor and walls. Well, that’s not! There are more alternatives

Elimination of Sources of Dampness:

First, the source of the dampness must be identified, that is, the root of the problem. Where you observe the damp spots or the water arises, it is there. This area can be the floor, a corner, or a wall.

Next, we must eliminate the cause of the dampness. If the floor or wall is affected by dampness, you can apply a waterproofing treatment. The objective of waterproofing walls and floors is to prevent moisture from moving up through the capillaries and pores.

Installation of Ventilation Systems:

It is essential with adequate ventilation in the foundation areas, only in this way can we prevent humidity by capillarity, which is what rises from the ground through porous materials. Among the most porous materials, bricks stand out, which are frequently used in residential construction and contribute to humidity by absorbing water.
In conclusion, it is recommended to install ventilation systems, especially in rooms without windows that allow natural ventilation.

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