Damp Specialist in Lancashire - Full Damp and Timber Survey

Damp Specialist and Timber Surveyor

Damp Specialist in Lancashire

Full Damp and Timber Survey in Lancashire

If you are looking for a reliable and genuine full damp and timber surveyor, look no further because we are here. We have great expertise in full damp and timber survey in Lancashire and our services are available for all Buyers, Sellers and Owners of a house. Even mortgage companies can take advantage of the services.

Our serving process is performed in phases in order to deliver quality. The inspection starts with the outer section of the property where we check the area like penetrating gaps, broken roof tiles etc… from where the moisture can enter the house.

Hire Lancashire Based Damp and Timber Surveyors - Damp Specialist in Lancashire

Furthermore, the grain orientation of the wood can affect its damping properties, with longitudinal vibrations being damped more effectively than transverse vibrations. Woodworkers and instrument makers often take these properties into account when selecting wood for their projects.

After covering the exterior section, the damp consultant in Lancashire enters the property where further monitoring is done. All the ground walls are checked and if any moisture is found, dampness is verified. The damp surveyor diagnoses the reason behind the dampness and mentions the same in the report. Once the damp survey is properly done, we head toward the timber survey.

Damp Specialist in Lancashire

Damp Specialist in Lancashire - Full Damp and Timber Survey

The timber surveyor examines all the available structural timber in order to identify the timber decay independent of wet or dry rot. We evaluate the quality of timber considering a variety of factors such as its appearance, strength, durability and resistance to moisture, decay and pests. Some common methods used to check the quality of timber include visual inspection, measuring its weight, density, and moisture content and testing its strength and hardness. Following the best practices, we ensure the problems and required solutions. Once the full damp and timber survey is done, the complete report is prepared and presented.

We never compromise with quality and hence we ensure the accurate diagnosis of the wood. The damp specialist in Lancashire precisely monitors Dampness, Woodworm and Wood Rot Decay. We also analyse the possibility of insects damaging the material along with fungal decay. Our damp specialist in Lancashire creates a detailed report considering all the important facts for our clients. Being a reliable vendor for damp and timber surveys, our methodologies are based on a dedicated process. Following the best practices, we highlight the problems during the survey that further helps to maintain the quality of the product.

We make services available for all types of properties whether it’s your own house or mortgaged. Moreover, the damp or timber survey is majorly required when someone plans to sell or buy any property. Hence if you are the one who needs the same service, we are just a call or click away. Receiving the request our team immediately got started on the process. The end-to-end timber survey and damping is performed. After completing the inspection process successfully, the damp specialist gives a detailed report along with the quotation. All these methodologies are rigorously followed while performing a full damp and timber surveys in Lancashire and if you are struggling for the right surveyor for your property in the area, simply give us a call.

The most common building defects that we are asked to inspect and report on are:

Dampness in the walls – most commonly rising or penetrating damp.


Timber Decay – Suspected Wet Rot or Dry Rot.

Identifying building components and structural elements

An independent survey report and a full dedicated damp and timber written survey report.

We are very flexible on scheduling and offer Saturday and Sunday appointments.

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